16 Best Alpaca Farms in Ontario

Visiting alpaca farms in Ontario is a great way to spend a weekend, or even a quick day trip! Alpacas have been raised in Ontario since the 1980s. A small group of farmers brought them to Canada from South America. 

Those farmers created a registry that would educate Canadians, promote ethical alpaca breeding, and develop the alpaca fibre industry.

Today, many of the alpaca farms in Ontario are open to visits with the public. Some of them, like Kickin’ Back Alpaca Ranch, give educational tours where you can learn about fibre productions. Others, like SAMY’s Alpaca Farm, offer alpaca walks! And for something super unique? Head to Udderly Ridiculous for an alpaca picnic.

Visiting alpaca farms is one of my favourite summer activities. I’ve visited several alpaca farms in Ontario, and on each visit I’ve learned something new about these beautiful animals.

Read on to find out why you should visit alpacas, and learn about 16 of the best alpaca farms in Ontario to visit, including ones that are within a one hour drive of Toronto.

meeting a baby alpaca at an alpaca farm in ontario
Meeting a baby alpaca at Our Tiny Farmstead.

Why You Should Visit an Ontario Alpaca Farm

The one reason why you need to visit alpaca farms in Ontario? Alpacas are so endearing! They are quiet, peaceful, and curious animals that make adorable soft humming sounds to communicate. 

Visiting alpacas is tons of fun, because you can really see their personalities. Some are playful, some are vocal, others are shy! 

Although alpacas are curious and friendly, they do still like their personal space. While some of them will enjoy a back rub, others prefer to stay an arms length distance away.

a group of alpacas on an alpaca farm near toronto
Alpacas at Kickin’ Back Alpaca Ranch.

16 Alpaca Farms in Ontario

These are the alpaca farms in Ontario that are closest to Toronto. All of these farms are under a two hour drive from the city, making them possible to do as a day trip.

1. Our Tiny Farmstead

Our Tiny Farmstead has several different animals on the farm, such as alpacas, chickens, honeybees, baby doll sheep, donkeys, horses, and farm dogs. When you visit Our Tiny Farmstead, you’ll learn all about the importance of sustainable living, the role honeybees play in our environment, the history of alpacas, and the importance of free-range chickens. It’s possible to book a farm tour, alpaca walk, alpaca photo session, and occasionally – alpaca yoga!

Address: Blackstock, ON

2. Jolly Zee Alpaca Farm

Jolly Zee Alpaca Farm has it all! At this alpaca farm near Toronto you can book an alpaca visit, picnic, or a photoshoot with the farm’s alpacas – and other animals too! This farm is home to 6 alpacas, goats, bunnies, baby doll sheep, chickens, pigs, and ducks. 

Jolly Zee Alpaca Farm offers a unique winter experience, too. You can feed alpacas while staying toasty warm by an outdoor campfire. Hot chocolate and s’mores are included! Plus, you get some bunny snuggle time, and education about the farm, the alpacas, and the other animals. 

Address: 5891 Fourth Line Erin, ON 

A woman walking an alpaca at an alpaca farm in Ontario
Walking an alpaca at Our Tiny Farmstead

3. Harmony Meadows Alpacas

Visit Harmony Meadows to learn all about their sweet and silly alpacas. You can also take a peek at all the alpaca goodies that are sold in their farm store! 

Harmony Meadows offers group and private tours, as well as virtual tours. Their tours run year-round. You can book an alpaca visit in their pasture, a private alpaca photo shoot, or a 15 minute virtual alpaca visit!

Address: 6185 Sixth Line, Belwood, ON

4. Split Rock Farms

This is one of the closer farms to Toronto, just under two hours west of the city. Split Rock Farms has a number of beautiful alpacas and is the perfect day trip from Toronto. 

Visitors can book a general farm tour, alpaca treks, hay ride alpaca tours, photoshoots, and private group tours as well. Be sure to stop by the farm store where you can purchase locally made goods!

Address: 1652 Ridge Road North, Ridgeway, ON

5. Old Mill Alpacas

Old Mill Alpacas offers a couple different activities! You can book an alpaca trek, or a tour of their farm. Old Mill Alpacas also has an annual shearing event. 

Every May, it’s possible to visit to watch the farm owners shear, skirt, and bag fleece from each of their 79 alpacas. You can learn about the process, ask questions, and meet the alpacas face-to-face. 

Address: 13557 Little Lake Rd, Colborne, ON

Alpacas in a field at Our Tiny Farmstead, Ontario
Alpacas at Our Tiny Farmstead, Ontario

6. Kickin’ Back Alpaca Ranch

Kickin’ Back Alpaca Ranch is owned by Carolyn and Doug Lilleyman. They are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. They’ll give you your tour of the farm, its barns, and their fibre studio. 

Their tour includes lots of alpaca time, and tons of information about the alpacas. At the end of the tour, you can visit their shop filled with alpaca fibre products – Carolyn makes most of the products herself!

Address: 734762 West Back Line RR 7, Markdale, ON

7. Hickory Lane Alpacas

Hickory Lane Alpacas is a 2nd generation farm that’s home to more than 40 alpacas, as well as numerous pigs, goats, cows, sheep, and chickens. 

You can get up close and personal with the farm’s herd of alpacas, and learn all about them and the farm. Tours can be booked by reaching out to the farm over FaceBook, or by phone (613 354 1480). 

Address: 7326 Cty Rd. 9, Napanee, ON

8. SAMY’s Alpaca Farm

This farm is one of the most well known alpaca farms in Ontario because it has some alpacas that like to be walked on a leash! Visits to SAMY’s Alpaca Farm are usually private, and include a walk and talk. You get to walk an alpaca while your guide answers all your alpaca questions. 

Address: 2432 Cuddy Drive, Kerwood, ON

a woman posing with alpacas at Kickin' Back Alpaca Ranch in Ontario
Hanging with alpacas at Kickin’ Back Alpaca Ranch.

9. Serendipity Farm

Serendipity Farm is close to Ottawa, and this farm is unique because they have alpacas and llamas. Rather than alpaca walks, Serendipity offers llama walks. You can trek for up to 1.5 hours with your haltered llama along trails that surround the farm.

Address: 929 S Lavant Rd, Lanark, ON

10. Meadowview Alpaca Farm

Meadowview Alpaca Farm is in northern Ontario, near Sault Ste Marie. This is one of the most unique alpaca farms in Ontario because it was featured on Season 5 of Amazing Race Canada! 

The show’s contestants had to navigate an obstacle course with their halter-trained alpaca. It’s possible to Meadowview Farm for a tour, and while you’re there you can pop into their shop to see what’s for sale – made with alpaca fibre.

Address: 908 Carter Side Road, Bruce Mines, ON

11. Salem Alpacas

Salem Alpacas is in the Kawartha Lakes. They run alpaca tours for families and groups, as well as a variety of educational programs and seminars about alpacas. You can also pop into their store to look at their various alpaca products, like hand-made duvets. To book a tour time, you’ll want to give the farm a call in advance, at 705-786-2023.

Location: 363 Salem Road, Manilla

a furry alpaca wearing a harness looking into the camera
An adorable alpaca at Our Tiny Farmstead.

12. Twin Pines Alpacas Farm & Fibre Mill

From May to October, you can tour Twin Pines Alpaca Farm to learn about their fibre production, and meet their adorable Huacaya alpacas! This farm produces hundreds of pounds of alpaca fibre each year which is transformed into beautiful custom colourway yarns, rovings, felt products and more in their onsite textile mill.  

After your tour, you can browse their shop for gifts and many luxurious alpaca yarns and products made from the mill on the farm. Ahead of your visit, check their website for farm hours.

Location: 10374 County Road 10, Millbrook

13. Dream Acres Alpacas

Dream Acres Alpacas is an alpaca farm in northern Ontario, near Timmins. The farm offers private tours, where you’ll get to meet and feed the alpacas, while learning how they are raised and cared for. You can then take some alpacas out for a walk on the farm’s beautiful, groomed trails.

If you’re looking for accessories that are water repellent as well as warm and comfy, pop into their shop. They sell slow and sustainably made fashion that uses their alpaca fibre, like mittens and socks!

Location: 5590 Hwy 101W, Black River-Matheson

14. Noble Beast Farms

Noble Beast Farm is an Ontario alpaca farm in Prince Edward County.  They offer several alpaca experiences that you can book online. Their most popular is the The Bloomin’ Welly Little Trek, which is a 1.5-2 hour experience.

This alpaca experience allows you to slow down and experience a beautiful outdoor setting. It starts with a welcome to the farm that includes handcrafted or local seasonal beverages. You’ll then get to go on a walk with your own alpaca through the farm’s fields. After your walk, you’ll have the chance to interact with the farm’s juvenile alpacas.

Location: 14935 Loyalist Parkway, Bloomfield

An alpaca in a field at Our Tiny Farmstead
An alpaca in a field at Our Tiny Farmstead

15. Udderly Ridiculous Inc.

Udderly Ridiculous is a unique alpaca farm in Ontario, located in Oxford County. This farm offers two alpaca experiences: the alpaca walk, and an alpaca picnic! On the walk, you’ll get to harness an alpaca and guide them around the farm.

With the alpaca picnic experience, you’ll get to enjoy a picnic out in one of the farm’s pastures, surrounded by alpacas. Served with the picnic are local products like Ontario cheeses. The picnic meal also includes Udderly Ridiculous’ award-winning gourmet ice cream.

Location: 906200 Township Road 12, Bright

16. Sylvan Alpacas

Sylvan Alpacas is a small, family-owned alpaca farm in Ontario. You can go on one of their “alpaca walk and talk” tours to meet the alpacas, take them on a walk, and learn about them. You’ll also get to the learn about the process for making quality products from their fleece.

Location: 33015 Sylvan Road, Parkhill  

Alpaca Farms Ontario FAQ

Are alpaca farms ethical?

Alpaca farms are ethical because alpacas can be kept very happy on farms. They have been raised as farm animals for thousands of years and are considered partially domesticated. Alpacas are herd animals and prefer to live socially in groups, so as long as they are part of a herd on an alpaca farm, they’re happy!

I’m a big believer in responsible tourism, and that includes making sure that wildlife tourism is ethical. For the most part, alpacas can be kept on a farm responsibly, but it’s still important to vet the farm you visit.

While visiting alpaca farms in Ontario, look for cleanliness on the farm, and the type of interactions that are permitted with the alpacas. While some alpacas are indeed very social, in most cases they are shy of humans. If a farm is forcing an animal to interact with you, that is a red flag.

In visiting several alpaca farms in Ontario, I’ve found that the alpacas are well cared for and farm visits are done responsibly. So, there isn’t too much to worry about when it comes to whether or not it is ethical to visit alpacas!

a woman kneeling by a fence, greeting alpacas in the field on the other side of the fence
Saying hello to alpacas at Our Tiny Farmstead

Can alpacas be therapy animals?

Most people think of dogs when they think of therapy animals, but alpacas are perfect for therapy, too. But as with all animals, an alpaca’s ability to serve as a therapy animal depends on its personality. 

For example, Kickin’ Back Alpaca Ranch is now home to a retired therapy alpaca named Ozzy. Ozzy is a friendly and calm alpaca who doesn’t mind human contact and is comfortable being walked on a halter. He spent 8 years visiting community spaces, delighting children and adults alike. 

While some alpacas are comfortable enough with human interaction to be therapy alpacas, they should not be kept as pets. They aren’t fully domesticated, and so they still have wild behaviours that won’t work well inside a home. 

Alpacas are very much herd animals, and are most comfortable when they are amongst other alpacas. Bring an alpaca into the home as a pet removes them from the habitat that they are most happy in, which can be stressful for them.

Why are there so many alpacas in Ontario?

There are many alpaca farms in Ontario because alpacas adapt well to Ontario’s climate, are easy to raise, and easy to handle. This makes them perfect for hobby farms! Alpacas can adapt to most climates, elevations, and conditions. Their thick layer of fibre keeps them warm in the winter, and after being sheared in the spring, the hot summer weather doesn’t bother them. They’re perfect for Ontario weather!

What are alpacas in Ontario used for?

Alpaca farms in Ontario have the alpacas for various purposes. Some are hobby farms, and some of them breed and sell alpacas. Others shear their alpacas and process their fibres to make alpaca socks, mittens, hats, blankets, carpets and more.

What is alpaca fibre used for?

The fibre produced by alpacas is as fine as cashmere. It is soft, silky, and much warmer than sheep’s wool, making it the perfect fibre for making warm socks, hats, clothing, carpets, and more.

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